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About “I AM BANNI”

I am Banni is a film with its new concept, revolving around a little girl and her dream to be educated and to get a better life for her parents. The story takes place in a small village in the western part of India. Great Rann of Kutch.

Banni wants to be literate but there no School in her village. Sharman the son of village Sarpanch has demolished the school from the village. He is a powerful man & his decisions are no challenged. About 3 years ago the school has been demolished by Sharman.

The boys of the school go to other nearest village’s school. But this luxury is only available to boys. Sharman ordered that no girl of his village will go to school. Girls don’t need to go to school.

But Banni whose zest to be educated makes her rebel against this hitlershahi. She tries to teach the young girls from the village on the quite.

Its only when an American tourist ALINA and her associates GAURAV and RAAJVEER come to the village to make a documentary & they request BANNI to be their guide around the place. They then realize Banni’s quest to study & support her in her fight for right of education. Till Shaman finds out the struggle starts for the BANNI, GAURAV, ALINA, RAJVEER and a local teacher join Banni in her struggle. Banni becomes a symbol of girl empowerment

Its beautiful and inspiring journey of a poor little girl. Which shows that even today in the many parts of our Country girls are treated as second citizen & do not have the basic rights.

The story is narrated in very entertaining and interested way.

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Cast & Crew
  • PRODUCER : Anil Garg
  • DIRECTED BY : Nitin Choudhari & K K Makwana
  • STARRING : Gaurav Garg, K K Makwana, Roshni Wadia, Amenda, Vikas Shreevastav, Kishor Sachde, Ridham Bhat, Dipa Trivedi etc.
  • Executive Producer : Joy Mukherjee,
  • Co- Producer : Deepak Naik,
  • DOP : Hitesh & Lalji Beldar
  • Story & Screenplay : K K Makwana
  • Dialogue : Irshad Rana, K K Makwana, Kishor Sachde, Viki Rana
  • Music Director : Naresh Sharma, Amit Barot, Sumit & Siddharth.
  • Choreographer : Chirag Zaveri


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